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Controlling the Purse Strings:
Spending, Taxes, and National Priorities

Reading Links

Taxes and Spending: More Than Dollars and Cents
by Romina Boccia

The Federal Budget in Pictures

From the Heritage Foundation

In 2016 the national debt exceeded $19 trillion. Now, more than ever it’s critical that we understand the nation’s spending, taxes and debt. These powerful charts enable all Americans to better understand the federal budget and identify important areas of reform.


The Appropriations Process: Spending Caps Explained
by John Gray


The Debt Limit: A Key Action-Forcing Tool to Control Spending and the Debt

by Romina Boccia

Testimony before The Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (February 2, 2016)


The Evolution of Federal Budget Rules and the Effects on Fiscal Policy: How Informal Norms Have Trumped Formal Constraints
by Peter T. Calcagno and Edward López


A Tax Reform Primer for the 2016 Presidential Candidates
by Curtis S. Dubay and David R. Burton

America needs tax reform. As the 2016 presidential campaign progresses, candidates seeking the presidency will increasingly face questions about how they would address federal tax policy—foremost among them, if they support tax reform and how they would implement it should they become President. There is clear public support for major tax reform: 71 percent of the American public believes that the U.S. tax system needs major changes and reform. Only 5 percent think the tax system is working just fine. Tax reform is a complicated issue that encompasses a wide variety of sub-issues with which candidates will need to grapple if they are to answer those questions effectively. This Heritage Foundation tax primer will help them prepare.


“Fight of the Century” Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Round 2

Mercatus Center Working Paper

PDF is for five page summary; full paper (sixty two pages) can be accessed from the link above.

The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale of Three Brothers

The Flat Tax: How it Works and Why it is Good for America