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These materials will give you a sense of the worldwide progress in wealth and well-being that has occurred in the last 400 years. You will see that while progress has been greater in more free-enterprise friendly places, almost all countries have seen an increase.

200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes
a video by Hans Rosling

GDP Growth Over the Last Centuries

charts by Max Roser

How Economic Freedom Promotes Better Health Care, Education and Environmental Quality

by James Roberts and Ryan Olson

Roberts and Olson speak directly to the connection between free-enterprise and welfare. 

Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

by Randall Holcombe

Randall Holcombe addresses how important entrepreneurship and innovation are to continued economic growth. This presents an answer as to why free-enterprise works better than managed economies to create growth. 


Why I am Not a Conservative

by Friedrich A. Hayek

If free-enterprise works to create health, wealth and happiness, and the unencumbered operation of entrepreneurs is necessary to that, why do we not see more political support for free-enterprise? Nobel Prize winner in economics F.A. Hayek questions whether conservatism is compatible with free-enterprise.


Petition from the Candlemakers

by Frédéric Bastiat

Bastiat's petition from the Candlemakers highlights a potential reason why established businesses don't support free enterprise.

Excerpts from Mind of the Market

by Michael Shermer

Chapters 2: Our Folk Economics

Chapter 3: Bottom up Capitalism


These two chapters in Michael Shermer's book, Mind of the Market, address the obvious question, if free-enterprise works to create health, wealth and happiness, why does it seem like such a hard sell to the average person? 


Power of Free Enterprise:
Enabling and Empowering the Individual

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