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Ideas at Work

Discuss important ideas and their real-world applications with topic experts

Upcoming Events:

Featuring Professors James Fishkin and Larry Diamond of Stanford University

Join us to learn about the ground-breaking "America in One Room" experiment and discover how a new approach to democracy could pave the way for better policy-making and a system where citizens' voices really do matter.

Wednesday, January 29th

7:30pm Eastern


Featuring John Wood, Jr. and April Lawson of Better Angels

Tune in for a conversation about changing the trajectory of our civic culture and building a new sense of unity in America. National leaders from Better Angels will be with us to talk about a practical vision for restoring civil society in 2020 and beyond.

Wednesday, February 19th

12:00pm Eastern


What are "Ideas at Work"?

"Ideas at Work" are free online sessions offered to the public that focus on connecting big ideas to real-world applications. Through interviews and "Ask Me Anything"-style discussion with experts on a range of topics, participants will discover new perspectives and practical guidance for bringing about positive change in their community. .


Each session will last for one hour and fifteen minutes, and the Center will facilitate the discussion online via Zoom video chat. These sessions are specifically designed for people with busy schedules who are eager to learn and discuss important economic, political, and/or social issues.

Participants will be required to use an online video chat platform in order to recreate the feel of an in-person interview and Q&A. A brief tutorial of the platform will be shared prior to the session.

Ideas That Change the World

The Center will select topics and speakers of interest that spark deep conversations and highlight the stories of individuals around the world that put ideas into action to improve lives. We welcome suggestions! Contact us at info@studyliberty.org to share your ideas of future speakers.

Past Guests


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