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Dinner Round Table FAQ

Who is this for?

Anyone who is seeking a moderated conversation that promotes learning and civil discussion may apply to be a host. Past participants have included individual hosts as well as organizations affiliated with a particular political, religious, or professional background. 

What does a Dinner Round Table cost?

Hosting an event is FREE. The Center will coordinate a dinner, provide the expert facilitator, and other fees. You only need to provide the participants at the event.

What topics can I pick from? How are they chosen?

We will work with you, the host, to choose a topic for the dinner discussion. We have a wide-ranging network of experts, so whether you’re looking to discuss immigration, free speech, prosperity or other issues in America, we can likely facilitate it.

What do attendees get out of this?

Attendees will enjoy a thought-provoking discussion with 12-15 people, learn from educational texts, videos, and expert conversationalists, and enjoy a free dinner at the event.

How many people can or should attend?

Dinner Round Table events typically have 12-15 attendees, but we can accommodate more if desired.

What locations can I use for this?

Some hosts choose to hold the round table at their home to create a more intimate atmosphere. In other cases, the Center works with a local restaurant to book private event space that is geographically convenient to you and your guests. 

What kinds of people should I invite to a Dinner Round Table?

You are encouraged to invite friends, colleagues, or neighbors who are intellectually curious and value opportunities to learn with others. Some people choose to split the hosting duties with someone else to build bridges across networks, while others convene a group that already knows one another and meets regularly. 

How long do dinner events last?

Most dinner events typically last around 2-3 hours.