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The Ethics and Economics of Drug Prohibition

In June 2017, the Center partnered with America's Future Foundation for a public event in New Orleans to encourage discussion and reflection on drug prohibition.


Attendees considered questions like, what is the purpose of drug prohibition? The effects? Should individual autonomy outweigh social costs? Do addicts freely choose to do drugs?

The event featured a talk by Dr. Audrey Redford, Assistant Professor of Economics at Western Carolina University on "The Economics of Vice" and a talk by Dr. Michael Huemer, Professor of Philosophy at University of Colorado, Boulder on "The Ethics of Prohibition."

After, the group had a conversation about modern case studies and thought-provoking counterarguments, synthesizing the various theoretical and applied perspectives that were introduced throughout the evening.


If you're interested in learning about drug prohibition, check out this resource with recommended organizations, videos, empirical research, and more!