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Taking on Inequality:

Seeking Paths to Greater Prosperity

On Wednesday November 29, 2017, we co-hosted an event in Winter Park, FL with the Acton Institute on the topic of inequality.

40 community members from the broader Orlando area attended, including many leaders of charities, churches, and business. 

Dr. Sean Mulholland, Professor of Economics at Western Carolina University, unpacked the data to give attendees a more nuanced picture of income mobility and poverty in the United States. In addition, he posited several major contributing factors to economic stagnation among the lower classes, including a dysfunctional education system, mass incarceration, and the negative unintended consequences of welfare. 

During the conversation following Dr. Mulholland's presentation, audience members were particularly interested in discussing these broader issues surrounding poverty and how they could be addressed. Criminal justice was of special interest; the group explored the efficacy of drug legalization and attempted to clarify the relationship between crime and incarceration rates. 

One audience member asked whether there is any empirical literature comparing the effectiveness of public welfare and private charity in helping the poor. The group seemed to agree that when it comes to inequality, examining the underlying causes that keep people from creating a better future for themselves and their families is key.