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Ideas at Work: John Mozena

Founder and President of the Center for Economic Accountability


The Center for the Study of Liberty welcomed John Mozena, the founder and president of the Center for Economic Accountability (CEA) in July 2019. Our discussion focused on issues pertaining to economic development and why transparency around development deals matters to communities.

Mr. Mozena provided an overview of economic development, including the types of incentives and subsidies state and local governments offer to companies - and how much money is lost for communities in these deals.

Participants raised questions about economic development across the country, seeking information about how the initiatives are connected to political campaigns and how to go about raising concerns in their city.​ The conversation also explored how these deals should offer common ground across ideological divides, as they bring out the worse aspects of "big government" and "big business."

Check out these highlights from the session, as John Mozena sheds light on the $70 billion spent annually on economic development deals and why he's finding bi-partisan support on this issue.

Participant Feedback

"Excellent speaker. John Mozena was very knowledgeable about a subject of great interest to me. I read some of his articles in advance of the discussion and found them informative and helpful to policymakers and citizens who want to understand the impact of targeted tax incentives in promoting economic development."